Faux Real Y'all

faux fur has been one of my favorite statement pieces for quite some time now. i could not be happier seeing it make it's mark this season! i advise anyone to go out and snag themselves one of the several killer coats that are out there lately. although some can run a bit pricey, they honestly last forever and their the most perfect thing to keep you warm and cozy this winter whether you're out hailing taxis on new years or sipping coffee at the local cafe. 

this look features the 

fur jacket by ZARA (purchased this a few months ago, but I believe it's on sale currently! eek!)

swallowtail dress in rose gold by Motel via Dollskill

salem boots by UNIF

hope everyone has an amazing new years filled with love & great company! stay safe, PLEASE do not drink and drive! here is a directory of designated drivers full of options no matter where you're from. http://www.drinkinganddriving.org/designated-driver-services/#Jump_to_State

with love,

-t.  ♡

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