Treasured Finds

life has been kind of a roller coaster lately and my personal life has been up and down as well. I hate how laggy I've been with my blog posts because of it! blog posts take a lot of time and energy, between my job, school and social life it's been a little hard trying to plan everything since I want to be putting out content that I've put my 100% into. my blog turns ONE YEAR OLD in two days! so going forward I plan to keep my content flowing a lot better.  it's honestly been one of the coolest years of my life, I've gotten to meet some amazing people who are all beautiful on the inside and out. the level of creativity and genuine authentic love for art and design in these gorgeous souls is truly eye opening. I have a huge soft spot for creative types! so thank you so much to every single one of my readers/ followers that support me through all of this! you are all awesome. 

I have a serious thing for coats and turtlenecks so this cold weather is making me so happy! in my opinion, dressing for the cold is a lot more exciting than dressing for warm weather, there's so many more options for clothing when it comes layering! the only downside would be getting out of bed and into the cold :( so this fit actually features a couple of treasured finds from my trip to Hong Kong, Macau & Shanghai! so for those item, I'll just link a couple products that are similar to what I've got on. hopefully that helps you guys!

this look features

beige wool coat from hong kong (option one, option two, option three)

mirrored sunglasses from macau (option one, option two, option three)

jodie ankle chunky block heels in white snake by simmi shoes (ON SALE RIGHT NOW!)

ribbed mock collar tank in cream by topshop

this set was shot by @_marcoalexander! he's definitely one of my day ones :) literally the very first photographer that worked with me! excuse me while I get all sentimental haha. thanks to people like him, I can do what I do now. and it's also nice to say that we still work together on a regular basis whether it be shooting a vision that I styled or something for my blog. remember your day ones guys.

with love,

-t.  ♡ 

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