Mesh w/ Me


As some of you may know, I recently started up with school again to get myself another degeee! It's honestly been so incredibly inspiring. I'm bursting at the seams with new ideas and paths that I want to take... and it's only been a week. Did you know that statistics show our generation will most likely have five to six completely different career paths in a lifetime? Okay. How amazing is that?! The fact that we can honestly really be anything and anywhere we want to be is jaw dropping to me. Ive always dabbled in creative endeavors before and now I'm finding myself taking a liking to financial accounting & management theory. Who even am I?


Honestly though, education is such a wonderful thing. There are always mixed feelings for college within my age group, it gets really difficult not to dislike school. Regardless of the opinions, at the end of day, putting a couple more notches on your belt of skills is always a plus. No, I'm not saying that you MUST go to school to be successful. But why not take advantage of courses that inspire and push you to want more? College/ school in general sucks in the sense that you have to get up early, do countless piles of homework, and balance work and social lives.... but it's something that can seriously impact your lives. I'm so excited to see where this new journey leads me. Now that you all think I'm a complete nerd, I'll move on to outfit details! 

These shoes are the comfiest and softest loafers I've ever stepped foot in. Shout out to 4THANDRECKLESS for these chic lil steppers. 

This set was also shot by @zhoucow! I love getting to shoot new content with old friends. Catching up over a shoot and dinner is probably one of my favorite things to do. Work & play! 


Draped in: 

Mesh Scoop Neck Bodysuit by ASOS

Staple Cropped Moto by Unif

Serena Appliqué Bra by Kimchi Blue

Beige Crepe Culottes by Forever21 (couldn't find them online but I linked a similar pair!) 

Tassel Loafer by 4THANDRECKLESS (no longer on the site :( but i linked the site since they have a bunch of other amazing options, like those Perspex heels! to die for) 

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