Comfy Chic


The chilly fall & winter feels are coming! I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely HATE getting ready when it's like -62 degrees in the morning. I found the perfect solution for that in this cheap, comfy & cute fit I put together the other day. 

Im sure you all know the "yeezy"  trend, this is my simple take on it. I honestly didn't make the connection until everyone I saw made it for me haha. I literally just went and bought a $10 sweatshirt in khaki on amazon! Pair the baggy sweatshirt with a pair of boots (thigh high if u want) and you're set! If you want to add a little bit more of kanye's flair, you can easily bleach dye the sweater and knick a few holes with a razor. That's actually what I'm going to do next hehe. One sweater, two looks. Also, it's pretty awesome that you get to basically lounge in a sweatshirt while looking chic. This one is the softest thing & kept me warm all day in the san francisco wind. Cheers to getting Yeezy looks at amazon prices ;)


This is the second 5min shoot I've had with @dirtbagmark since I've started school and honestly they're pretty awesome 😎. It's been a super quick but fun interaction with a long time friend, while getting shit done! What more could you want?! It's 

Draped in: 

Men's Nublend Sweatshirt by JERZEE (I got this in a size L and I am 5'1" for reference)

White Moto Jeans by Dollskill (I purchased these a while back but I found & linked similar on Missguided!)

Emotions Stretch OTK Boots by Steve Madden (currently on sale from price matching! go go go!)

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