Fade to Black


Hey guys. This topic is one that I feel hits home, especially for bloggers/ photographers/ influencers of all kinds. Social media is sucha crazy concept for our generation, it's insane how much it affects each and every one of us. This past week I took a little over a week off from all social media. I blacked myself out from Instagram, Facebook, twitter and even Snapchat. I know eight days might not seem that long to most of you, but I literally have had my phone glued to my hand and eyes glued to a screen since I started blogging almost two years ago.


It was honestly one of the best choices I've made in a long time. Lately I've been feeling pretty lost in terms of where I wanted my blogging to go, let alone where I wanted my life to go. I started noticing how much I would do just so I could get that one shot, or perfect my feed. It gets kind of annoying when you realize that you're asking your friends to take a photo of you like three times a day. Don't get me wrong! I'm probably still going to want to visit that one coffee shop to get my aesthetic photo and I'm honestly still going to ask my friends to take my photo, at least twice a day. Blogging takes a lot and I have no shame standing up on a chair at that new brunch spot to get the photo I want. But taking a break from it all really has its benefits. 


During my short break I applied to multiple scholarships, redid my entire website, shot three new looks, and figured out what path I want to take in terms of my career. All that in eight days! I also thought that I would feel devastated and anxious to redownload my apps but I honestly didn't miss it too much. The first days were a bit weird because I was like, "okay so what do I do with my phone now...", but after a while I found myself completely leaving my phone at home. Disconnecting from the internet world can free up so much time to do what's necessary and clear your head. I've made a personal goal of putting my phone down at least two hours out of the day to reconnect in the old fashion way, face to face conversation, with family, friends & colleagues even. Social media is awesome, it creates incredible opportunities for just about every individual and every company out there, but real life interaction will always be best. For any influencers that may be reading this, or actually anyone at all, I encourage you guys to take a short hiatus from social media! If you can't afford to lose the engagement that occurs over a week, try it out for an hour a day, I promise you'll feel the wave of relief at least to some degree.


My bb @israelshoots shot this look with me. We've been doing long distance for almost half a year now and it's been great! I am so incredibly proud of all the big things he's doing right now and I can't wait to see him grow :') ty bb for being so good to me.

Draped in:

Elva Wool Cape Coat via Tobi

Jemima Faux Leather Stiletto Marble Mules via 4th & Reckless

Glamorous Bodysuit with Plunge Neck & Flare Sleeve via ASOS

I am absolutely obsessed with both this coat and these mules. This cape coat is the perfect layering piece. I can't wait to piece it with a chunky knit turtleneck or even a slip dress. The mules have the most subtle coveted marble pattern with a perfect stiletto heel. So, so in love. Shout out to tobi & 4th and Reckless for making the cutest stuff!

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