Dust in the Wind


Hey guys! This is my final post of 2016.. :O What a whirlwind of a year it's been. Isn't it crazy how fast time flies as you get older? I feel like 12 months goes by in a blink of an eye, but when I was 8 a year felt like it took forever. I am so incredibly thankful for everything 2016 has brought for me. I met my amazing boyfriend and formed a beautiful relationship, I enrolled back in school to pursue my second degree, I have fallen even more in love with my family, I made a ton of awesome friends, and I even discovered a new level of self love. I can't say that I want change or for this year to be over because it's honestly been one of the best. But... Blogging has actually taken a step back from my day to day this year, and it IS something that I'm hoping will change in 2017. I want to get back to shooting and posting creative, original content more often and working with more creative people! I am so thankful for being able to blog and share my creativity as well as my thoughts and ideas. It's something that's a bit of a release to me. It's crazy because I've actually been on this journey for two years now! I can't wait to see what the next years bring me. 


Once again, shot by @israelshoots! I can't put enough emphasis on how great he is. I'm sure you're all sick of hearing it. Buuuut he's the best. 


Draped in:

Ride On Faux Suede Moto Jacket

Rose Embroidered Pencil Jeans (these are sold out but they actually have a huge selection of cute af jeans! I promise you won't be disappointed) 

KENDALL + KYLIE Silk Draped Tank

Stecy by Steve Madden

I'll keep this post short and sweet, like this cropped moto jacket! I am a huge fan of dusty rose tones and this jacket from Tobi takes the cake. It's made in a super soft faux suede that falls perfectly. Add these rose embroidered jeans by Dezzal and you've got the perfect pair.

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