Draped in Pink

when I was younger I would always feel pressured not to pick the color pink or purple as my favorite color because it was too "girly". but as I got older, I started thinking.. who cares?? I luv the color pink and I luv glitter and I luv all da girly things to be honest haha. if you know me, you know that I'm the definition of a "girly girl" and I'm so incredibly high maintenance. but I've learned to accept that, just like I've learned to accept the color pink! pink is said to be the color of universal love of oneself and others. the color represents compassion, nurturing, and love! the color is supposed to calm and reassure our emotional energies and alleviate anger, aggression, and neglect. 

this post features a pretty, pink coat from shein and I'm going to give a very honest review on this company. the site actually has a lot of really trendy pieces that come for a really, really, decent price. shipping time is actually super quick for something that's coming from china and it's also free! the sizing is one of the things that threw me off a bit! this particular coat came a lot smaller than I expected. another thing is the quality. the coat isn't itchy or stitched in a weird manner, but it isn't the softest or the most durable fabric. but for the price? it definitely works. in my opinion, the site is a great place to go if you're looking for an affordable, replica of something that you've been coveting, this is it. 

this look features 

pink long sleeve lapel pockets coat by shein

metallic plunging bodysuit by topshop

via jeans by UNIF (these are unfortuantely all sold out :( they're super stretchy and incredibly comfortable but I was able to find a similar style!) -> twig ripped high-rise jeans by BDG

the nightcall platforms by YRU

this set was taken by @itsthepanda ! check him out!! I loved the way this look turned out and I'm honestly really glad that I got to work with him. there's definitely going to be more content from him, coming soon! :)



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