Layers in NY

I've probably said this way too many times since I've started blogging... but so sorry for the lack of posts! life is just so busy I sometimes get caught up and can't seem to find any time to sit down and really put my heart into blogging. but I'm back and I'll try to make this year better with more content! 

so let me start this off by saying.. my trip to new york was actually the best week of my life. I got to meet so many amazing people that set my inspiration off again.. everyone was doing something creative & actually setting things in motion. rather than just speaking on what they wanted to do, they were out there doing it. from music videos to clothing companies to models, everyone was DOING what they said they would. I definitely got stuck out there for a lot longer than I planned because of the storm, but it didn't feel like "stuck", it just felt like NY wasn't letting me go :) I have to admit, before my trip I didn't really have much creative energy left in me and felt like I was stuck in a complete lull out in the bay area. after just my first night, I felt so much more motivation to do what I love and continue reaching for the goals I set a year ago. I think it's safe to say that I'm definitely going to end up living in NY as soon as financially possible. it just felt like I was home for once! I've never felt so comfortable and familiar with a surrounding and I've lived in the bay area my whole life.. can't let that feeling get away. 

it was actually like negative 30 million degrees haha, this cali girl wasn't readyyyy. literally wore two pairs of leggings under my pants and like four layers. in this look it definitely feels like I had some yeezy vibes with my khaki layers lmao. my cardigan is by groceries apparel, and it is literally the BEST THING EVER. it's amazing quality and super soft. I highly suggest checking them out. all of their pieces are made with 100% organic and recycled ingredients. also manufactured in their very own factory in downtown LA. also, shout out to these current mood boots for getting me through the mounds and mounds of snow that I was very ill prepared for. *I definitely split the platform a little but nothing some krazy glue couldn't fix ;)*

this look features

biker coat with faux leather sleeves by missguided

momo bitters cardigan by groceries apparel 

cotton spandex sleeveless turtleneck crop by american apparel

jamie jeans in khaki by topshop

hellgate boots by current mood

this was my first shoot in NY and it was with michael ♡ @5thphvse! he and I have actually been following each other for a really long while now, it was pretty cool being able to finally work with someone you've known virtually for so long! he definitely showed me a dope time in the city and introduced me to some of the coolest people. shout out to you ♡ ♡ ♡

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