Sunburns & Sandstorms

hey guys! for this post I'll be dropping a lil bit of festival wisdom for ya! I've been going to festivals for years now, everything from the enormous festies like coachella & edc to the little festies like hard summer or nocturnal wonderland. I thought putting together a list of tips & tricks would be a great read for both newbies, & veterans! feel free to leave your tips & tricks as well! :)

so the list begins -

• SUNBLOCK/ ALOE: I suggest getting both spray and lotion types, in both travel and larger sizes. the spray will come in handy when you want to spray over your makeup or your scalp! (trust me when I tell you that it's possible to burn your scalp)  the travel sized option will be great to carry with you. but those tend to run out quick so use the larger edition before entering! bring some aloe in case you do get burnt ;)

• BABYWIPES: these are a necessity! grab one of the small packs from target! they'll help you with getting rid of all the dust that cakes onto your body. they're also handy when it comes to festivals that only have porta potties (gross) I personally like bringing toilet paper too because you literally NEVER know when you'll need it. or first night at Coachella none of the porta potties had tp :(

• WATER: this should be a basic. if you're camping, bring as many cases as possible! they might not let you bring it into the festival (yes even if it's never been opened) but it'll be nice to have by your bed when your hungover or dying of cotton mouth from the sand storms. Gatorade is also a plus!

• EVIAN FACIAL SPRAY: okay this might not be NEEDED, but it was my favorite accessory in my purse. I let the travel misters sit in the cooler before taking them out for the day. the spray feels absolutely amazing when you've been baking in the sun. 

• SWEATER: I know it seems odd to bring a sweater to somewhere that's 95degrees out, but you'll want it at night. I ended up bringing a lightweight shag coat and jeans to change into at night! 

• GLIDE/ BABY POWDER: this ones for the ladies with thighs lmao. glide will save your life. I didn't bring any so the first day my inner thighs were on fire! luckily one of my coachella roomies brought it so I was saved! the baby powder will help with that, and boob sweat too hahah  

• SUNGLASSES/ BANDANA: sunglasses are an obvious thing for the UV protection, but I enjoyed them more for blocking out dust. dust gets craaaaaazy, you'll need both to help out when it gets bad. 

• QTIPS: these are amazing for makeup! but also nice to get the gunk mixed with sand out of your ears. not very cute I know, but you'll need it. 

• CASH: make sure you're carrying cash, especially in small bills. some vendors may not accept card, although most do with square nowadays! cash just makes things quicker and simpler.

• ADVIL/ VITAMINS: Advil or ibuprofen are musts. the heat and dust only make the hangovers worse. vitamins are also great when it comes to curing splitting headaches! vitamins are a plus even when you're not drinking. you're putting your body through a lot at a festival so remember to nourish it.

• SHOWER ESSENTIALS: if you're camping don't forget to bring towels, shampoo/ conditioner, body wash & face wash! I typically bring these regardless of if I'm camping or not, but you'll need the towel esp if you are :)

• CHAPSTICK/ LOTION: this shit is crucial. your lips will be crusty as hell if you forget lmao. I brought coconut oil since it can be used anywhere from head to toe. don't forget to wrap the jar in a ziplock in case of ants! 

• MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES: obvi you can just use normal makeup remover but having wipes makes things a lot easier when you're camping and don't have continuous use of running water. 

• SPEAKERS: speakers are a major key man. you'll want to turn up while getting ready! the weather is a serious downer and you'll be striving for the energy to get ready haha. good music will help you with that one. 

*** remember to bring enough of everything for everyone! you never know who might need something! it'll give you good karma  & happy friends :) ***

this is my favorite outfit from coachella this year! I think it might be the only festival I attend this year but who knows. I got these awesome velvet shorts from backbite! I know what you're thinkin... velvet? in the beating sun?! you'd be surprised! these shorts are soooo super comfy and the velvet is relatively thin so they're perfect. their grommet shorts are all custom made to order so give it a few weeks. I also had some issues with sizing originally but their customer service was a1! they replied promptly and cordially. my top is from rat&boa! they're my festival go-to's. they feature a lot of desert friendly, crochet, barely-there, pieces that are all beautiful. I obviously didn't wear my unif hellbounds haha but I could've if I wanted to! comfiest platforms out there. but you won't want to deal with uneven ground in platforms in 103827711 degree weather. I mostly went barefoot or just in beat up sneakers. 

I got to shoot this look with @israelshoots! he deals with me acting like a brat way more than anyone else does. so thank u boo for being u. check him out! 

this look features the: 

camlo top by rat & boa

bad vibes jungle grommet shorts by back bite

mirrored aviators by forever 21

hellbounds by unif  


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