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always trying to rebel against my loving parents, I have been coloring my hair since I was in middle school at the age of 13! fast forward 8 years and plenty of trial and error tricks and mishaps - here I am with my unicorn hair! now I am in no way a hair stylist or professional, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite products and at home DIY remedies with you guys! 

if you follow me on any social media or know me personally, you know that my hair has been this tricolored, mermaid, unicorn, fairy, etc. hair hybrid of amazing. this is all thanks to my amazing hair colorist emma kablo! (@hellomsemma) along with her, olaplex & arctic fox color have made this possible! I'll touch on those in a bit! I am going to list a few hair masks ingredients, and a few products that have made my life and hair vibrant, and healthy as possible.

DIY hair masks all have ingredients that are meant to target specific issues. I have found that recreating my own with certain ingredients that are meant for my problematic hair is way more effective than following recipes that are already pre-made. so here is a list of simple ingredients along with their roles in hair revival!

- COCONUT OIL: coconut oil is the ultimate moisturizer. this is a really good base for any sort of hair treatments. it makes your hair soft and shiny! the oil has a melting point of 76 degrees, I personally like to work with it when its more solid so the treatment is more of a paste rather than a liquid. make sure to shampoo thoroughly! the oil is sometimes hard to get out, especially at the roots. this is my go-to for pretty much everything... not just hair, it's amazing for cooking, for whitening and cleaning teeth, for softening skin, tanning, the uses are endless!

- HONEY: honey helps with any dullness! it coats your hair cuticles with nourishing shine and moisture! I love applying this from roots to ends because honey will help nourish your scalp and if you make sure to shampoo well, you won't see any oily roots! 

- EGG: shine and grow! eggs contains a bunch of amino acids and nutrients that help heal and grow your damaged and dry hair! my favorite mix is egg yolk combined with a little bit of coconut oil and whisked! (mayonnaise added to this is also great since the main ingredient in mayonnaise is egg!)

- MILK: very, very, nourishing! the nutrients and vitamins in this help with dry scalp and growth! the quickest and easiest method is to use milk on it's own and rub into your scalp. 

- APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: this helps with excess oils on your scalp! I tend to have oilier roots so I rinse with a mixture of diluted apple cider vinegar once a week! this has cut back my need to wash my hair every night which strips the rest of your hair of the necessary oils. 

hair treatments & masks - 

- HELLO HAIR: you can find this here. this mask was actually given to me as a collaboration but I have since ordered more! my favorite one is the island escape. smells so yummy! vegan, natural, and nut free! hallelujah!
- LUSH R&B: you can find this here. this stuff is pretty great. it's labeled for curly hair but I love the moisture and my hair is naturally straight with a tiny bit of wave. I use a small dollop in my damp hair and wrap in a towel before I go to bed. careful not to put in roots unless you're planning to rinse and shampoo. the product gets really oily. a little goes a long way!

- BUMBLE&BUMBLE HAIRDRESSER"S INVISBLE OIL: you can find this here. this stuff is absolutely amazing. swear by it. I can't live without it. I use it day and night, on wet, damp, or even dry hair! it also smells amazing. I love to put a couple pumps in my brush before brushing to get it from roots to ends! gives my hair shine and moisture

- SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL DARK OIL: you can find this here. this stuff is a bit pricy and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it as a blogger appreciation item. it's smells pretty strong but works amazing. it's pretty much like the bumble & bumble product I mentioned above but the oil is a bit thicker so the moisture sticks a bit more and you use less product. the brush method mentioned above is my favorite way of using this!

- OLAPLEX: this stuff isn't available to everyday users! you need a license to gain access to it. but make sure that your hairdresser is offering this! it protects and helps your hair through the bleaching process. this is the reason my hair is still attached to my head and made it through all these harmful chemicals! ASK YOUR HAIRDRESSER. if you plan on dying your hair on your own, please remember to do all the necessary research! the last thing you want is a terrible mess that you'll have to end up paying more than originally listed to fix! *especially if you are bleaching* 

- ARCTIC FOX HAIR COLOR: you can find this here. last but not least.... my newest hair coloring obsession. out of all the color products that I have tried... this. is. the. oneeeeee. the treatment works as a conditioner while also depositing pigments. the more porous your hair, the better the color stays! my hair is extremely porous because of the bleaching process so it soaked in the color amazingly! emma used aquamarine, virgin pink, and violet dream all diluted a tiny bit with the arctic mist diluter. it has lasted me over a month now! and it's just barely starting to fade. I wash my hair at least 3 times a week, typically more if I hit the gym and need to shower.

I've had a weird thing for loose pants and culottes lately! It all started with a pair of denim wash beach pants I thrifted from my mom's closet. I decided to up my game for a pair of wide leg denim culottes from boohoo! I paired it with a low back halter bodysuit! I also have been wearing bodysuits practically every day :) these shoes are also stolen from my mom's closet hehe. my mom low key has great taste!

I got to shoot this look with the ever popular Ryan Chua! whoooooo! I have been trying to work with him for the longest time! he is incredibly talented and I'm kinda sad that I waited this long to shoot with him since he'll be moving to LA :( he's super fun to work with and quick too! check out his awesome fashion work. @ryanbyryanchua www.ryanbyryanchua.com

this look features the

lola eyelet detail denim culotte via boohoo

cotton spandex halter bodysuit via american apparel (wear some petals to avoid the infamous bra strap in the back! you can find them in many department stores for under $10!)

wynola mule via via spiga (little pun there, unfortunately the original ones I'm wearing aren't available anymore so I went ahead and linked another option by via spiga!)

paisley print neckerchief via topshop

and of course my beloved givenchy antigona


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