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I'm a bit excited about this post because I get to recap a little bit on my travels. I've actually been flying and traveling a lot this past year so I thought I'd share some travel tips and some yummy food places/ must sees in these locations! 

Let's start with some travel tips!

- TOILETRIES: IMO, it's a better idea to buy your shampoo & conditioner when you get to your destinations, especially if it's for a trip longer than 4 days. It gets tricky packing conditioner that's under 3oz for TSA while untangling your mane. Also! Pretty much all of the airlines are charging at least $25 to check in a bag, so why not save your money (and packing time) & hit the nearest drug store when you land?

- ROLLING CLOTHES: I'm actually a little OCD when it comes to packing because I feel the need to completely fold my clothes square and flat... but rolling actually helps you get everything you want. If your clothes surpass the space you have, try rolling!

- WATERPROOF CAMERA/PHONE CASES: I think this is a great necessity for both tropical waters and rainy cities. I have the Sony Cybershot Exmor R and it's the best companion on trips. It's a small point and shoot that's completely submersible! You could also grab a Lifeproof case ($50-$100) or even one of the waterproof ziploc like bags ($10-$15) if you're looking for something a bit cheaper.

- MEDICINE: My ever so wanderlust dad has taught me to always bring a couple basic medicines with you on vacation. If you're in a foreign land, who knows how much the Advil is or if they even know what pain relief medication is?! I like to keep a sleeve of Tylenol, a bag of Advil, a da tube of hydrocortisone cream with me on all travels. Gotta keep your sneezes, headaches/ hangovers, and bug bites under control!

- ATHLETIC SHOES: ALWAYS pack a pair of sneakers. Opt for something that's both stylish and comfy! With the crazy amount of athleisure trends lately, I'm sure you'll be able to get your hands on a pair. Your favorite pair of sandals with the slight heel can easily turn into your worst nightmare when you're roaming the streets of a new city!

- 360 DEGREE/ HARDSHELL LUGGAGE: 360-degree turning wheels with a hardshell on a piece of baggage might be the travel world's best invention. I love having the wheels because you can literally push your stuff around without straining your arms! Not to mention, it serves as a nice platform to rest your tote or backpack. Hardshell baggage has saved my ass countless time, from packing tequila to large amounts of coconut oil.

- LIGHT JACKET: Whether you're headed somewhere warm or somewhere chilly, a light jacket is always appreciated in your cabin on the flight or your hotel room! I learned this on a near freezing flight with Southwest. 

- NAIL CLIPPERS: The travel-friendly scissors that can multitask. Need I say more?

Here are a few MUST-SEES in the locations I've visited. (I also did a quick trip to Vegas in March but all you really need to know is stay hydrated and get some sleep lmao)

1. Shanghai, China - Go to a temple! There are several in different places and it's honestly the best and most cultural place you can step foot in when you're in china. My personal favorite is the CITY GOD TEMPLE OF SHANGHAI. It has a beautiful temple where you can pay homage to several different statues that honor different aids to your life. Surrounding the temple, you can get a taste of an enormous variety of street food! But the best xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) are at NAN XIANG XIALONG MANTOU. I've been going there since I was a lil bb :) The place has been open for over 100 years now. If you walk yourself to the warehouse on the left side of the entrance, you'll find a little wholesale market with 3 floors of goodies that you can bargain down to your heart's content. 

2. Hong Kong, China - Go downtown! Literally, everything tastes amazing, get dim sum anywhere and you won't be disappointed. Hong Kong is a beautiful and amazing place filled with architecture that puts your favorite city buildings in a category that really lacks culture. 

3. Macau, China - I went by ferry from Hong Kong and it a very pleasant ride. Macau is dubbed as the "Vegas of China". If you've been to the Venetian or the Palazzo in Vegas, you can skip the casinos here. They aren't as grand as the ones in the states to be completely honest. But you should definitely hit Senado Square and the Ruins of St. Paul! The square is full of amazing street food and culture. Make sure you try the egg tart! It'll beat any of the ones you've tried here. Pretty much no one can replicate the authenticity and taste of an egg tart from Macau.

4. New York, New York - I did pretty much every tourist attraction you can think of. I spent ridiculous amounts of hours in museums, went up the Empire State Building, shot in Williamsburg, walked the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight, had coffee in Chelsea, shopped in Times Square, and even saw a Broadway show. I gotta say, you should really do it all. The

5. Seattle, Washington - Seattle is so incredibly beautiful and green! I think that you can skip the Space Seattle. It's definitely a beautiful sight (I mean, come on! Sleepless in Seattle?) but once you make it up to the top, there's nothing too exciting. Empire State was better! I think that the best spot in Seattle is the Chihuly Glass & Garden. I walked out of there basically ready to take up glass blowing. 

6. Vancouver, B.C. - Chinese food. Chinese. Food. Go get some dim sum and tell me it's not the best you've ever had. If you have 3 hours or so, stop by the Suspension Bridge! It's a beautiful aesthetically pleasing bridge with a light hike on some paths and stairs around the area. If you're looking a fancy meal, check out Le Crocodile! Such amazing French food I could cry. The pricing is also very fair for what you're getting!

7. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - Go get drunk for free and do some tequila tasting! It's so much fun and everyone swears that they have the best tequila and the most amazing deals. Israel and I probably tried 9 different shots of tequila before committing to a bottle. If you have a day free, go take a boat tour somewhere! I think we spent like $30 a person for a 7-hour tour. It included snorkeling at a cave of rock formations, lunch on a private beach, and zip lining through an enormous jungle area. Unbelievable right? The margaritas are pretty great everywhere but if you head over to Joe Jack's you'll meet the best cocktails and the best tuna poke. I got a passion fruit mojito that brought tears to my eyes. Also, if you see some man on the beach with a few shrimp on a stick, grab one. I had like three of these puppies and never got sick so I'll vouch for it! 

Shout out to my awesome boyfriend for stepping out into 89 degree humid weather to shoot this look for me. our flight was also leaving in like an hour and a half but he took the risk to do this :') you real. this was like a 12 minute shoot right out on the streets of our little boutique hotel right by the river. He's honestly the best travel companion because all we do is eat and eat and eat. It's pretty great. @israelshoots

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