Destress // Decompress

can I just start this off with saying that I am absolutely obsessed with this wideleg, culotte, linen, easy living pant trend? I think my entire pant wardrobe has been taken over by these breathable & comfy styles! I honestly used to be such a black jeans only soul & now I've fallen in love w pants / trousers of every fabric & color. this look features one of my favorite examples of the loose fitting pant. 

one of the best ways to be prepared for a school day is to be comfortable. of course we all want to look our best when it comes to class, but it's the absolute worst when you're sitting in your tightest jeans & top while trying to focus on what your history professor is saying about the Memphis era. this one piece will save me from that! it's so easy to throw on over a tshirt or even just a bandeau. aside from being in comfortable clothing, here are my top 5 best ways to keep school as stress free as possible.

1. Remember to eat!

- this is so, so, so, important! between commuting & classes, it's incredibly easy for you to skip breakfast or lunch or even dinner. remember to eat and feed your belly as well as your brain. don't be afraid to eat that brownie if that's what'll make you happy while studying for mid terms.

2. Have a designated person. 

- if you've seen grey's anatomy (currently binge watching) then you know what a "person" is. I think it's absolutely necessary to have a person in, and out of school. having someone that's taking the same classes or with a similar schedule can make schoolwork so much less mundane. having someone else that you can talk to about non school is also a necessity. sometimes you just need to think about other things. 

3. Make time for fun.

- don't forget to have fun! go out & grab dinner or drinks with your friends. set out a block of time where you can just relax and take the weight off of your shoulders for a bit. it can do wonders. 

4. Write down ALL your due dates. 

- this one is a MUST. forgetting that a paper or activity is due is the absolute worst. even if you're not a huge fan of notes, writing down your dates in a planner or just making a quick of it in a journal can save you some serious stress. 

5. The big picture.

- remember why you're here. all the pain and lack of sleep is for something right? whether it's finding a passion, proving your parents wrong, or building yourself a career, we're all here for a reason. I'm probably one of the worst students of all time but when I think about the amount of knowledge l'll gain, the knowledge that will help me achieve my goals, it's all pretty worth it. 

my good friend @zhoucow shot this set! I actually had a great day shooting / exploring w him & @dirtbagmark. they're both awesome photographers and even better company. if you ever get the change to work with either, jump on it!

draped in: 

Strappy Twin Pocket Wide Leg Jumpsuit by Yipinwan via DEZZAL

Short Sleeve Bardot Bodysuit by Boohoo via ASOS

Superstar sneaker by adidas

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