Stepping Into 2017 Like...


How many of you guys made a resolution last year? Now how many of you actually FOLLOWED your resolution? That's what I thought. Haha. I actually chose not to make a resolution this year because I feel that goals should be made every week of the year, if not every day!  That's a viewpoint that I just recently adopted but it's one that works. It may sound super cheesy and a bit cliche but we should all be working on bettering ourselves, and our relationships with others each and every day. Not just the first month of a new year. I actually did a bit of research on goals & resolutions and how to keep & reach them! Did you know that only about 8% of people actually achieve their New Year's goals? So keep on reading if you're interested in saving that $3k for an upgrade in your purse wardrobe or if you're really interested in losing that extra 5 pounds. 


According to the data pulled by iQuanti from Google, these are this year's most popular resolutions out of a grand total of 159,031,920 searches. 

1. Get Healthy

2. Get Organized

3. Live Life to the Fullest

4. Learn New Hobbies

5. Spend Less/ Save More

6. Travel

7. Read More

I personally think that these are all on everybody's lists, whether they like it or not. But it makes me super excited to see that reading more and learning new hobbies made the top list! How cool is it that people actually want to do that? Also, living life to the fullest was said to have spiked 13% from last year. Here are some of the best tips I found dedicated to making these goals (or any others you have) happen. 

- Don't make a goal that you don't want. If you're making a goal for yourself that you only made because it's what everyone else is doing or wanting, then you're way less likely to follow through with it. Make sure that it's something you actually want for yourself.

- Be specific & avoid making "absolutes". Breaking something down can help you reach the big picture. Instead of just saying, "I'm going to get healthier." Make a goal that you're going to lose 5 pounds every two months or that you'll switch out junk food for healthy food 3x a week and you'll climb 150 flights on the stair master in June. Be reasonable though don't make a goal that you know you won't follow, like giving sweets as a whole. That's just setting your self up for failure. 

- Set automatic transactions for financial goals. This one is a great one! Setting automatic transactions of amounts makes it way more relevant and important I've been using this app called Qapital to save for my trip to Europe in March. It's pretty awesome. They allow you to set amount goals and rules that make it work. For example, I have the "round up" rule on. This rule will automatically round up my purchases to the next $2 and save the rest! If I spend $3.40 on a coffee, my account will automatically take $0.60 and put it in my savings. Plus you can add friends to the goal! 


These photos were all taken by @israelshoots as well. We recently made it to a year! It's so crazy how much fun we've had this past year doing absolutely nothing and everything. I can't wait for the next to come. I love you!

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