Adulting: Does Anyone Really Get It?


Alright guys, let's be honest. Who really knows how to be an adult and when does mastering it begin? I moved to LA in April and it's been my first time living on my own and I've been such a terrible adult. Cookies in bed? Check. Not doing laundry for two and a half months at a time? Check. Forgetting to pay my wifi bill? Check. Leaving dirty dishes until they form a small mountain? Check. And who has the time and energy to cook every night?! I think I've been Postmates biggest sponsor the past six months. (Hey Postmates, how about we collab sometime?) My boyfriend has even told me that I live like a child multiple times, in the most loving way of course.


But lately I've been getting a ton of comments & messages from old friends applauding my ability to adult, my growth and basically how I have my s*** together. In all honesty, I have absolutely nothing together and every day is a complete mess. I can't find my keys every morning, I forget to take off my makeup at least twice a week and panic, I am becoming increasingly antisocial by the day, and sometimes the only meal I have throughout the entire day is boba with cookies. But you know what? That's 100% okay. Adulting is pretty f***ing hard, and I'm pretty sure my own parents haven't figured it all out. I actually had a talk with my boss last week about this subject and she said, "Nothing really gets easier or makes more sense, you just get better at acting like it IS easier and stuff DOES make sense." So there you have it, the words from a real-life, full fledged, actual, "adult" telling you that faking it till you make it is completely acceptable. So here I am, encouraging you to eat cookies in bed, take your time with your laundry, and do whatever it is you want because isn't that really what being an adult is all about? 


Since I moved to LA I've had some serious issues with the weather! I remember packing all of my stuff and thinking how unfortunate it was that I basically only owned sweaters, coats, and of course, 20 million leather jackets. Definitely ended up packing them and now they sit in a sad pile in my room, but hey, who could part with a great coat or your favorite leather piece?


I've grown fond to skirts and love how colorful this one from Topshop is. Skirts are awesome because they're so versatile and easy. Pair with thigh highs for edgier looks, sneakers for summer, tights for cold weather, so many possibilities. But thankfully it's finally starting to cool down so I can bring out my turtlenecks and fall wardrobe. I also want to do a post on Amazon Fashion/eBay buys soon because I've found some pretty awesome pieces from both. This wide brim fedora was a steal from Amazon!


Shop the look!

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