Balancing Between the Lines


My life has been so incredibly crazy since I moved to Los Angeles. I moved in on a Saturday, started school that coming Monday, and work that following Tuesday and haven't really stopped since then. I'm currently working a full time job and doing full time school and it is absolutely insane! Kudos to everyone out there doing the same! It's been difficult trying to balance both and put my 100% into both as well which is really important to me. Why half ass anything that matters to you? I guess that's what happens when you start working careers rather than just jobs. I'm currently in real estate and learning a ton and studying for my Bachelor's in business administration. As you can probably guess, both of these activities include a ton of work in and out of the office. Here are my top three must-do's every week to stay sane.


1. Support System

I'm lucky enough to have my boyfriend living within 10 minutes to me, friends that check in always, and parents that offer unwavering support. Without someone there to hold my hand every step of the way, I honestly would have probably lost my mind months ago. My parents FaceTime with me at least once a week and my boyfriend brings me boba when I'm having meltdowns (hey, it's the simple things). I'm also lucky to have friends that I made at FIDM back home that I still talk to every single day, not sure what I would do without these ladies, plus the ladies that I've met here as well! Flailing arms and sinking in homework tends to be a lot more manageable when you have someone to flail and sink with. 

2. Organization

I have struggled with organization for the longest time but at some point in your life, you gotta start realizing that you can't get anything done when you forget that you had to get it done. Organizing the chaos is how I deal. My room, my desk, and my handwriting are all a huge mess. So I've taken to creating Google Doc's on Google Drive for organization instead of handwritten planners or notes. I have one for all homework assignments and one for all my move-ins at work. Google Drive is accessible through all my devices so I can check in whenever I'd like! 

3. Me Time

This is so, so, so important. I mentioned this a while ago in another one of my "staying sane" posts but I'd like to reiterate. I am honestly the definition of socially, anti-social. I love my friends and I love meeting new people, but I would also prefer to sit at home with a face mask over going to a collab launch party. Self-indulge a little and learn what you love for once! You deserve that much more than a hangover on a Friday morning at work. 


This little Off-White number might be my favorite piece of all time. I love statement pieces that are loud in just the right ways. I think that's way I love Virgil Abloh's brand so much. You can look at a piece from him and know it's his without having to see crazy monogramming or branding. Seeing the strips is enough or seeing the tiny "OFF" or just simply noticing that slight distressed yet minimalistic street style look. It's beautiful! 




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