Hello Hair: Review & Tips to Help Your Tips!


praise the hair gods! hello hair is the absolute best hair mask that I've ever put into my locks. I thought that I'd share a little bit on the product and how to use it. :)  so I was sent the island escape edition a while and promised a blog post... I definitely lagged on that one until now! they sent me their new botanic edition about two weeks ago and I HAD to make a post this time around! before I begin, I just want everyone to know that this isn't an advertisement that I was asked to make, it's simply my opinion on the product. so let's start off with a review on both.

hello hair has a line of three products, the original hydrating mask, the island escape edition, and the botanic edition. while I haven't had the chance to try out the original, I'm positive that it works just as good. my hair has been processed more times than I can keep track of... I've been dying it since I was 13 and bleaching it since 15, so there's a LOT of damage that needs to be mended. I've tried a million home remedy masks with olive oil, egg yolks, mayonnaise, you name it! I've also tried using a bunch of hair products from LUSH, such as the R&B conditioner, but none of them can compare to hello hair. my hair is like straw in the morning because I toss and turn all night and it's very hard to manage but the morning after I tried hello hair my hair was smooth and easily brushed and styled. in my personal opinion, the island escape edition smells a lot yummier. but both smell great! the island edition is just sweeter and reminds me of a tropical vacation while the botanic version seems to be a bit more aromatherapeutic. the island one has coconut and vanilla times while the botanic has tones of ylang ylang and patchouli. they're both 100% natural, nut free and vegan too, talk about yum!

here are a few tips for how to use the product! what I typically do is wash my hair at night, so I'll wake up and go a day of activity then do the mask at night. I like to make sure that my hair is completely covered from my roots to my ends, making sure to concentrate more product in my ends since that's where the damage is most prominent. my hair is considered pretty long (down to my waist) so that uses a little more than half the package sadly :( but at just $18 a treatment it's definitely worth it! it's definitely cheaper than a visit to the salon to have a treatment done. after I soak my hair in the mask I like to tie it in a bun and wrap a clear shower cap over it. the instructions say to leave it for about 30 minutes but I typically do about an hour. take the time to clean your room or catch up on your tv shows! once the times up and I'm in the shower, I only shampoo it out so I don't have oily roots and I skip the conditioner part. after the shower I towel dry as much as I can then follow up with the bumble & bumble hair dresser's invisible oil (another life saver) 

if you guys are having doubts or reservations about trying this out, please don't hesitate. it honestly has helped me a bunch with breakage from bleaching, toning, styling, you name it! i've linked the products below and also added the bumble & bumble oil that I use daily. that item is a little pricey but you only need a little bit so the bottle lasts forever. it's something that I swear by, I use it after I shower, after I blow dry, before I style, when I have frizz, practically anytime.

hello hair island escape edition

hello hair botanic edition

bumble & bumble hairdresser's invisible oil


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