The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide.

We all know how crazy difficult holiday gift giving can be! What are you even supposed to get the girl who has everything? Or that guy you've been kinda talking to for like... a month? Or what about your best friend's friend that you see around a lot? Or what about Secret Santa?? I'm going to try and make that all a bit simpler for you guys. (You're welcome) I've compiled a list of awesome gifts for the toughest recipients you can think of.

1. For that person in your life that just seems to have ABSOLUTELY everything: Animal Adoption!

This might be my favorite gift ever. You can ADOPT an arctic fox! Okay, obviously you can't actually adopt an arctic fox and bring it on long walks but NWF (National Wildlife Federation) will protect these animals from habitat destruction, hunting, and more. There are plenty of other animal options available as well. For someone that has absolutely everything, a gift that gives back is the best route to go.

2. For the guy you've been kinda sorta talking to for a while or so...: Cable Knit Sweater

Ahh. Nothing says "future commitment" like a cableknit sweat. Totally kidding. But a sweater is a great gift for that kinda person because you don't need to overthink.  Spritz some of your everyday perfume before gifting to ensure that he's got his mind on you more often than he knows ;) This Topman sweater in green looks great against any skin tone! Also, under $50!

3. For your fashionista best friend: Designer Cardholder

Cardholders are great for both men and women. It's versatile and easy to use style matches just about anyone. This Alexander McQueen option has the signature skull on a minimalistic design that lets people know that the carrier's got style, without screaming it out loud.

4. That one techie guy/gal in your life: PRYNT Machine

Let's face it. Our generation has a need to capture everything on camera for everlasting memories! PRYNT has made this idea revolutionary with their photo to video technology. Snap a photo, snap a video, print the photo, watch it come to life! Check out my video with them here.

5. Your awesomely insane, crazy and wild best friend that may or may not be slightly alcoholic: Mini Beer Pong Set (Shot Pong?)

Idk about you guys, but my best friend is actually insane. I don't think there's ever a weekend that we spend together where I actually get to sleep. This set will let her get crazy whenever and wherever she wants. Plus, you can substitute the beer for shots! Something I'm sure that she'd love.

6. For the foodie: Ceramic Take-Out Boxes

For someone that's always eating out, help them bring some of the goods in! These ceramic take out boxes are absolutely adorable. They can serve up some leftovers, or cook up some of their own recipes! You can also add some other CB2 dining accessories to fluff up a set. 

7. The friend that likes social media, just a little too much: Lens Kit for Phones

I'm honestly THAT friend for most of my friends haha. I would love this little set! It's sleek and simple to use. Plus, it's on sale! This little set holds a lot of power. It has a wide, a macro, and a fisheye lens that can all be attached onto a universal clip. There's even a storage pouch!

8. The Man's Man: Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

Do I even need to explain? 

9. That perfect couple that just moved in together: Fondue Set

No home is complete without a fondue set. This works great for entertaining, or even just cozy date nights at home. Plus, this means you can now invite yourself over for chocolate fondue now! Woooohoooo!

10. That one nomadic jet setter that you only see like twice a year... but somehow still have a great friendship with: Dagne Dover 15" Tote Bag


I found this bag on a random Instagram stalking sesh one day and I'm honestly so obsessed with the design! All of their pieces offer both functionality and style. It's the perfect companion for someone that's always in and out of airports. This particular one can hold a 15" laptop/tablet, wallet, phone, Metrocard, lip balm and even a leash for your keys.

The Little Things

Last but not least, here are a few items that are perfect for Secret Santa, Stocking Stuffers, White Elephant, or just small gifts you'd like to give! All of these options are under $30 as well. 

And if none of these caught your eye, go ahead try out Mezi! Mezi is an online shopping app that can help you find the perfect gift. I'll even get you started with a $15 discount off of your first purchase of $50 or more! (Or just get yourself something nice) Follow this link - 

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