The Answer to Your NY's Resolution? Gold's Gym

So I'm pretty sure we all are planning to make fitness a part of our New Year's resolution or we have at some point. Gold's Gym was kind enough to help me get a great start to my fitness journey with a personal training session! I visited the Downtown location that's currently under renovation but they have locations all over and even a completely new space in Anaheim. My overall experience? Awesome. Why? I'll break it down for you!



I pretty much never know what I'm doing in a gym so it's horrendous going and I have a crazy busy schedule so it's always difficult finding classes that cater to me. Gold's literally has ALL types of classes throughout the day and at difficult hours too! I can't wait to take advantage of yoga classes, spinning, dance, pilates, and even high-intensity classes. If you’re not into classes, you can go to their machines that are incredibly advanced. You can actually log in and save your workouts and view your activities on practically every cardio machine in the place.



I think one of the main issues with not going to the gym is how you feel. I know that I've always felt that Gold's has had a type of body-builder customer base so I never felt comfortable going. But I could not have been more wrong! As soon as I arrived I was greeted by the nicest staff and didn't feel judged at all. You see all types of people and you kinda sit back and remember why you're at the gym, it shouldn't matter what people think, you're there for your own self-improvement.



I've dealt with my fair share of personal trainers and I've had a few great ones but I really enjoyed working with the people at Gold's. The main thing that stood out to me was that my trainer asked me how my diet was. Typically, every trainer that I've worked with from an actual gym (not the independent ones) has never asked me about my diet or my eating habits. He gave me tips and tricks on how to improve my overall health when it comes to food and not just working out.


Don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions about my experience! I would really suggest going with Gold's if you're looking to better your health and lifestyle. I've been out of shape for the past year with all the yummy foods in LA and just not caring about my body. If you haven't gotten someone a Christmas gift or if you're looking to treat yoself' consider a Gold's membership. I truly, honestly stand by everything in this post, I swear it's not biased! And I mean... check out the pool and hot tub?!

Tiffany WongComment