Juicing Fail!

Last week my friend Arsh and I both did a 3-day juice cleanse from Pressed! My goals were to overall feel "cleansed" after all of the junk that I've been indulging in lately, and to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Arsh's goals were to lose weight, feel clean and detoxed, have more energy and see if it helps clear up her skin. We both chose our own cleanses, I chose Cleanse 1 because I haven't done a cleanse in a while and I love their almond milk (two per day in Cleanse 1!) and Arsh chose Cleanse 2 because she's a decently seasoned juice cleanser and personally does not like almond milk. The 3-day cleanses are at a base rate of $125 for 6 juices a day with an option to add 6 cleanse waters (chlorophyll and aloe vera) at an additional $25 for a total of 24 bottles. We both chose to add the 6 cleanse waters because hey, any additional allowed substances to help me feel like I'm not starving sounds great to me. The delivery cost is a pretty high at $25, I live in LA so Pressed does a really awesome one-day delivery, but it looks like it takes about two days for other cities. Arsh is in San Francisco so she ordered hers first and I matched my delivery date to hers so that we could start together. The box arrived before I woke up and Arsh's came a little bit later in the day. I was able to find the a code that took 15% off so give it a try if you'd like! "PJVIP15" Here are our thoughts and results from the cleanse!




What juices are in your cleanse and what do they taste like to you?

Tiff: Cleanse 1

  • Vanilla Almond: Kinda like a milkshake but grainier & not as sweet
  • Greens 2: Refreshing & literally like drinking a salad
  • Roots 2: My favorite so far! Tastes mostly like apple and carrot
  • Citrus 2: Gross, super sour, might be because I'm not a fan of pineapple
  • Greens 3: Earthy and salad like?
  • Chocolate Almond: Like a grainy smoothie with cacao
  • Aloe Vera Water: Slightly slimey watter
  • Chlorophyll Water: Literally tastes like plant
  • Arsh: Cleanse 2

  • Greens 2: Really fresh & smooth
  • Citrus 2: Very minty & really sweet
  • Greens 3: Smells like kale & tastes like ginger
  • Roots 3: Really gingery
  • Citrus 1: Super sweet
  • Vanilla Almond: "I'm not sure if I'm hungry or this really tastes like ice cream"
  • Aloe Vera Water: Slimey water
  • Chlorophyll Water: It tastes like plant


How do you feel? (I chose key points of time where energy levels tend to drop)

Tiff: Cleanse 1

  • Morning: Super excited, felt a little hungry but typically don't eat in the mornings so its all good
  • Midday: Feeling a little bit snack deprived, but not too hungry
  • Afternoon: Sleepy, not hungry, a lot of liquid to drink!
  • Evening: Hungry!! I ate some cucumber (you're allowed to have cucumber/almonds if needed)

Arsh: Cleanse 2

  • Morning: Excited to start the cleanse!
  • Midday: I feel good so far, no mood change, maybe just a little light headed and not hungry
  • Afternoon: I'm good so far, energy level is the same, was hungry a bit ago but not so much now
  • Evening: Feeling good, went to the gym


How do you feel? 

Tiff: Cleanse 1

  • Morning: Grumpy and tired
  • Midday: Hungry but feeling good
  • Afternoon: Searing headache from 3:00PM 
  • Evening: Hungry af, ate Chinese food

Arsh: Cleanse 2

  • Morning: A little tired, but feeling pretty good
  • Midday: Getting really hungry
  • Afternoon: Light headed and hungry
  • Evening: Hungry af, had two glasses of wine & a burger


SURPRISE! We didn't make it to day three, what a fail!

Honestly though, just drinking cold pressed juice for 72 hours is kind of, sort of, really freakin' crazy.



How different do you feel internally from when you started?

Tiff: Cleanse 1 - I honestly felt a less bloated and I guess you could say "detoxed", but that could just really be because I had nothing solid to eat at all for 48 hours.

Arsh: Cleanse 2 - Internally I felt more healthy and "clean" on the inside.

Did you lose any weight or see a visible difference in appearance?

Tiff: Cleanse 1 - Actually lost 1.2 pounds but just looked less puffy in terms of skin and a little less bloated in my body.

Arsh: Cleanse 2 - I honestly did not check my weight. I wanted to feel health and that showed in my appearance.

Overall did it achieve the goals that you wanted it to achieve?

Tiff: Cleanse 1 - I feel like maybe if I had lasted the entire three days I would've felt a lot more enthusiastic to start my whole fitness journey? I did feel a bit cleansed and less full of junk but not a huge, life changing difference.

Arsh: Cleanse 2 - My whole goal was to test it out and see how it felt. I did not make it past my second day but I can maybe in the future I can try again and try to achieve my goals again.

Would you do it again? How likely are you to recommend it to a friend?

Tiff: Cleanse 1 - Honestly, I might do it again. I would want to create my own cleanse with my own choices of juices though. The most difficult part was some of the juices were difficult to swallow. 

Arsh: Cleanse 2 - Yes I would do it again! I would recommend it to a friend. 

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